Due to a health challenge these meetings are cancelled until further notice.

In order to foster group learning and connections from every direction, we hold free community Discussion and Networking Meetings where everyone has a chance to raise questions and discuss any relevant issues they would like. In order to increase participation and openness, these sessions are not recorded. They are not presentations, lectures, or interviews – just pure discussion. Each meeting will have a specific area of focus but will also allow time for general discussion. Periodically they will include “elevator pitch practice” when whoever would like to share their pitch can get feedback from their peers and Brian.

None of us has a corner on good ideas (I highly recommend the book “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson.) Here is an opportunity for mutual support and learning. These meetings are free; no subscription required.

These community Discussion and Networking Meetings take place every other Tuesday (with a few exceptions) at noon Eastern using Zoom.