Find Your Next Calling conducts interviews, with a focus on (1) individuals who have launched their own business, (2) subject matter experts, and (3) authors of books relevant to this work. Click on the person’s name to view their interview. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel or our Podcast (future).

Here are a few interviews to get us started:

  • Tambry Harris discusses launching her own business and her book “Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going-Forward Story” and “Stop the Silence: Thriving After Childhood Sexual Abuse”
  • David Shirey for his book “It Don’t Get Any Better Than This: Stories From a Small-Town Church“
  • Michael Ashford – finding your calling, the psychology of conflict communication, and how journalism can change to be more effective
  • Jennifer Grant – we discuss helpful steps for discernment, tools and habits, overcoming the Imposter Syndrome, and more
  • Jeff Crosby – “The Language of the Soul: Meeting God in the Longings of Our Hearts”
  • Brian Allain – Ann Cavera interviews Brian as part of her “Speeding Past 80” podcast; we talk about plans for Find Your Next Calling
  • Paul Angone – “Listen to Your Day: The Life-Changing Practice of Paying Attention”
  • Tambry Harris – Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers