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Find Your Next Calling

Our purpose is to support the identification and launch of your purpose!

Find Your Next Calling is a combination of “discernment” – determining what you’re called to do – and “how to launch your own new business”. Here you will find a community where you can get advice, resources, and training on discerning your next calling and turning it into a reality. None of us has a corner on good ideas – here is an opportunity for mutual support and learning. 

Through our free, weekly Support and Discussion Meetings, we create a safe and friendly place for you to discuss your business idea, learn from others, and network with like-minded individuals. And our Online Course consists of online classes, homework assignments, and discussions among participants – a total of 7 meetings spanning 6 weeks – all intended to help you discern your next calling and act on it. In addition we have an email newsletter, blog, and many resources that we hope are helpful for your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Find Your Next Calling is led by Brian Allain. Since turning 60 he launched 4 new businesses, sold 3 of them, and started 3 more (and survived cancer twice). All with a minimum of investment and overhead.   

Join us for inspiration, learning, and confidence-building! No subscription required.

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