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Find Your Next Calling

Our purpose: to support the identification and launch of your purpose!

Since turning 60, Brian Allain has led the launch of 5 new businesses, sold 3 of them, and is starting 2 more. All with a minimum of investment and overhead. Find Your Next Calling is a combination of “discernment” – determining what you’re called to do – and “how to launch your own new business”. Here you will find a community where you can get advice, resources, and training on discerning your next calling and turning it into a reality. None of us has a corner on good ideas – here is an opportunity for mutual support and learning. Not to the exclusion of others, we are particularly interested in serving women and people of color, who have too often been under-supported. We will offer online Discussion and Networking Meetings, classes, consulting, and additional resources, all aimed at supporting your next entrepreneurial effort. Discussing ideas with your peers and learning from others is an excellent way to de-risk your own new venture.

To get started, we will hold open Discussion and Networking Meetings every other Tuesday at noon Eastern using Zoom. Each meeting will focus on a specific topic, but will also allow time for general discussion on any topics. In addition to the Discussion and Networking Meetings we have a blog and social media which feature articles and book excerpts we hope will be helpful for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Later we will add training classes and other programs.

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