Brian Allain here! I’ve had the honor of creating or auditing the branding, messaging, and online presence of many businesses and authors. If you are just getting started, feeling stuck, or would simply like to get another set of experienced eyes to review what you have and offer recommendations, I would be glad to do that.

Audit Service

If you already have a website, social media, or other online presence, I would be glad to take a look at your strategy, branding, messaging, and overall online presence, and provide feedback. For $150 I will provide you with a brief written report and two Zoom conversations – one before and one after I send you my report. If you’re interested in this service please contact me here.

Basic Marketing Plan

If you’re just getting set up and don’t know where start with strategy, branding, messaging, and your online presence, I can help you get going. We will have an introductory Zoom conversation so that you can tell me about your business idea and what you would like to do. I will provide you with a basic, written marketing plan with recommendations, and hold a follow-on Zoom conversation with you to go over the document and answer questions. The price of this service is $250. If you’re interested please contact me here.

You can learn more about my background here and here.

Please note: I do not offer legal, financial, tax, insurance, or investment advice – see your lawyer, CPA, insurance agent, or financial advisor for those services. I’m just giving you my humble opinion.