Find Your Next Calling Online Course

Due to a health challenge this course has been postponed until further notice.

Are you at a stage in your life where you have some ideas, possibly vague at this point, for starting a new “business” in a new direction? This course, spanning 7 sessions over a period of 10 weeks, will help you identify a new calling, discern and validate whether it is a good idea and a fit for you, and learn how to set it up and launch it into the world.

Since turning 60, I have led the launch of 4 new businesses, sold 3 of them, and have started 2 more.  I would like to help you pursue your own dream of setting up and running your own business – one that embodies what you are being called to do.

Here is the course agenda (all end times are approximate):

  • Class 1: 2 – 4:30 PM Eastern
    • Introductions, Why you are here, Why I am here
    • Assessing your strengths, assets, and risks
    • Discerning your calling
    • Homework assignments
  • Discussion 1: 2 – 3:30 PM Eastern
    • Readout and discussion of your homework assignments
  • Class 2: 2 – 4:00 Eastern
    • Formulating your business idea
    • Validating your business idea
    • Homework assignments
  • Discussion 2: 2 – 3:30 Eastern
    • Readout and discussion of your homework assignments
  • Class 3: 2 – 4:00 Eastern
    • Setting up your business
    • Launching your business
  • Class 4: 2 – 4:00 Eastern
    • Running your business
    • Troubleshooting your business
  • Discussion 3: 2 – 3:30 Eastern
    • Discussion of your next steps

All classes and discussions will be recorded for your viewing in case you cannot attend them all.

Registration for the course is $199. You can pay here (credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal are accepted; all payments are processed through PayPal). After you pay, an email confirmation will be sent to the name and email address you enter into PayPal (or the one associated with your PayPal account) within a few days. If you need to change the name or email address please let us know here.

Please note: This course does not offer legal, financial, tax, insurance, or investment advice – see your lawyer, CPA, insurance agent, or financial advisor for those services. By registering, all course participants agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and Release Agreement

About the instructor

Brian Allain leads Find Your Next Calling and How to Heal Our Divides. Previously he founded Writing for Your Life, a resource center and conferences for spiritual writers, Publishing in Color, a conference series intended to increase the number of books published by spiritual writers of color, and Compassionate Christianity, a resource center for progressive Christians. Writing for Your Life and Compassionate Christianity are now owned by Kate Rademacher, and Publishing in Color is now owned by Joyce Dinkins. Previously Brian served as Founding Director of the Frederick Buechner Center where he led the launch of Mr. Buechner’s online presence and established several new programs and strategic partnerships. Brian has developed and led spiritual writers conferences at Princeton Theological Seminary, Drew Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, the University of Southern California, Belmont University, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, the United Methodist Publishing House, and several churches. He led the publishing effort for the book Buechner 101: An Introduction to Frederick Buechner in collaboration with Anne Lamott, and also the books in the How to Heal Our Divides series. All of this is a second career, coming after business and technology leadership in high-tech. Brian has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was designated a Palmer Scholar, their highest academic award. Learn more about Brian here.

Previous and Current Projects

Frederick Buechner Center

Brian served as Founding Director of the Frederick Buechner Center from 2010 through 2018. There he led the launch of Mr. Buechner’s online presence and established several new programs and strategic partnerships.

Writing for Your Life

Brian founded Writing for Your Life in 2016 and sold it to Kate Rademacher in 2023.

Writing for Your Life (WFYL) is committed to offering a wide variety of useful resources and services to support spiritual writers. WFYL offers writing conferencesresourcesservices, and online videos featuring leading spiritual writers and publishing industry expertsHere is a list of past writers conferences that Brian produced or co-produced.

Publishing in Color

Brian founded Publishing in Color in 2018 and it was sold to Joyce Dinkins in 2023.

Publishing in Color (PIC) has only one objective: increase the number of books published by spiritual writers of color, who have been under-represented in terms of the number of published books. The goals of these conferences are to:

  • Foster relationships between spiritual writers of color and representatives of spiritual book publishing companies, literary agents, and spiritual magazines
  • Provide networking and educational opportunities so that prospective writers can learn more about how to work with these publishing companies, agents and magazines
  • Result in an increased number of books and articles published by writers of color

Many book deals, literary agent relationships, devotionals, book contributions, magazine essays, and more have resulted from Publishing in Color conferences.

Conferences for Spiritual Writers

As part of the above three businesses, Brian was privileged to produce many conferences for spiritual writers. You can view the complete list, including speakers, here.

Compassionate Christianity

Brian founded Compassionate Christianity in 2019 and sold it to Kate Rademacher in 2023.

Compassionate Christianity provides inclusive, welcoming, and affirming ideas, nourishment, and resources, reflecting the compassion Jesus modeled for us.

How to Heal Our Divides

Brian founded How to Heal Our Divides in 2021.

How to Heal Our Divides is a project aimed at building awareness of organizations that are taking real action to address the serious, deep divides that have had strong negative impacts on our society – racial, political, religious, and other divides. The project is not an attempt to gloss over serious problems or “make happy” but instead to highlight tangible efforts that are solving problems – actually healing divides in effective and practical ways. Our two books are available on BookshopAmazon, and IndieBound.

Find Your Next Calling

Brian founded Find Your Next Calling in 2023.

Find Your Next Calling is a combination of “discernment” – determining what you’re called to do – and “how to launch your own new business”. Here you will find a community where you can get advice, resources, and training on discerning your next calling and turning it into a reality. None of us has a corner on good ideas – here is an opportunity for mutual support and learning.

Previous Clients