For Getting Stuck

From “Shine Your Light: 77 Blessings to Clear Your Energy and Claim Your God-Given Calling” by Kate King

Sometimes, I wonder if I need to get stuck

Get stuck in my own head

Or in a certain place

It is almost as if I need

The stuckness at times

I look at this

Block in my way

And wonder

What it has to say

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

Why are you keeping me from where I want

To be?

To go?

And then we find

Through the awareness of God with me

That this block


Magically transforms

Into my way


Looking at it long enough

Watching it

Gathering some intuitive and generous friends around to

Witness it

Then, sitting alone with it

Through the night

Watching it

Becoming intimate with it

One with it

It transforms into a doorway

My doorway

This very blockage to my success

Becomes my way to success

Embracing its confusion

Into clarity

Embracing its frustrating lesson

Into growth

We look at this blockage

And move through it

As the unexpected

Path to our dreams

Our purpose

Our path forward

To fulfillment

To purpose

To a life filled with



And Is-ness

The block

Becomes the way

This block becomes God

Showing me the way forward

As I look on it with Love

As I look for purpose in it

It becomes God

And the way forward

And we walk

And we dance

And we move with the blocks

Thrown our way

And our very clogged life

Becomes clear

With purpose

And joy

And dancing with the