paying attention to what’s important

From “Listen To Your Day: The Life-Changing Practice of Paying Attention” by Paul Angone

Your Treasure Is Here

What if I told you that you’ve already been given the answers to your biggest questions? Your day, each day, is speaking to you and showing you so much. It’s gold, I’m telling you. The problem is, we don’t see it because we’re not looking for it.

No, we are focused on the million “attention-demanding tasks” at hand. In today’s world, we are filling every pause in our day with a distraction. A literal bear could moonwalk right up to us with a glass of lemonade, just waiting for us to take a picture to get some Instagram content that’s ready to go viral, yet we don’t see it because our attention is forever elsewhere.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the most successful entrepreneurs, the most insightful authors, the most hilarious comedians, the most effective teachers and parents are not smarter than the rest of us. I would argue the most successful and fulfilled people on this earth are simply better at paying attention to what’s important – to the things that matter to them – and them applying those insights to the sphere in which they live.