From “Embracing Your Second Calling: Find Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life” by Dale Hanson Bourke

Self-care is NOT:

  • Taking without concern for others
  • Grasping, greedy, mean
  • Selfish
  • Manipulating others to get attention, care, or love

Self-care IS:

  • Having concern for others but not at your own expense
  • Getting enough sleep, good food, and exercise
  • FInding mental stimulation to keep mentally alert
  • Spending time with people who like and respect you
  • Not expecting one person or group to meet all your needs

Self-caring PEOPLE:

  • Do for others because they want to, not to get something
  • Act without fear of what others will think, getting satisfaction from the action itself, not others’ reaction
  • Share love and are able to accept love in return
  • Are able to care for others because they recognize and find the love and attention they themselves need
  • Know they are neither marvelous nor insignificant
  • Allow others the dignity of making their own mistakes and claiming their own successes
  • Accept themselves and others as they really are, with all their faults and strengths