Always Open

From “Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment” by J. Brent Bill

God works within and around us, leading, guiding, and opening the way, sometimes when we least expect or feel it. The idea of being led and guided implies movement. If we’re being led or guided then we must be being led or guided somewhere. The sacred compass shows us that we are on a pilgrimage to our spiritual true north – God.

As way opens implies a deep way of developing our spiritual insight, making major decisions, and planning. It is the condensed version of a longer phrase: “to proceed as way opens.” There’s that movement again – but it is movement with a cautionary note. Proceed, yes, but only as way opens.

Counter to our lives of action, the sacred compass tells us to take time to wait for God’s guidance before moving ahead. Part of following way opening is learning to be less hasty – to take time to let the direction needle stop wobbling and point its way to God.